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Annual publication on accounting careers, direct distribution in September to Quebec’s accounting students province-wide.

“Accountants in control” by Oana Avasilichioaie

Many accountants work in positions of power as chiefs of industry at companies throughout Quebec and Canada. For example, Sheila Fraser, the Auditor General of Canada, has a CA designation. Jaques Van Greenhoven, the founder of the Rachelle-Béry chain of health food stores, is a CA . And, Eric Lajeunesse, a CMA, is Ubisoft Entertainment’s Producer, A top-flight executive position in the gaming industry.

Accounting students plotting their career curves should look past the glass ceiling of traditional roles in organizations’ accounting departments. The training leading up to all accounting designations provides the basic knowledge that new graduates will need to make decisions, implement ideas and direct a company. As well: hard work, calculated risk-taking, learning from  more senior colleagues, and good communication skills on the job will help them climb the corporate ladder.

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“On the road again” by Yves Schaëfner

A new generation of accountants have traded their calculators for their passports as their must-have professional accessory. ´tienn Poulin, Jean Gagnon and Mathieu Jacques have all been globetrotting while crunching numbers for Canadian companies. For theses accountants commuting has involved much more than hopping on a commuter rail into the city’s financial districts.

From Europe to Africa to North America, they all have been to seemingly glamourous and exotic locations but they all know that traveling for work has its ups and downs. Each experience is unique– Étienne Poulin is usually aboard for several weeks at a time, Jean Gagnon returns home every weekend, while Mathieu Jacques totally relocated, living as an expat in a foreign country– but they all agree that working abroad is a rewarding experience. And they’re not just talking frequent flier miles.

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