Poutine craving

Poutine’s popularity has reached grotesque proportions all across Canada. Last fall, Maisonneuve magazine staged “The Biggest Poutine Party” at an outlet of Quebec’s popular snack  bar chain, La Belle Province. It was an idea whose time had come: 180 kilograms of French fries and many buckets of gravy and cheese curds later, hundreds of people sampled the largest poutine ever on record. But it didn’t last long. In December, a Toronto group challenged Quebec’s honour by preparing a 320-kilo monster starring 1,500 potatoes, 88 liters of gravy and 54 kilos of cheese.

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An icon of Quebec fast food, poutine has seeped its way across the country, suddenly appearing on many menus, both humble and posh, outside of Quebec.

You can enjoy this dish in Timmins, where Maridan’s Family Take Out, owned by Shania Twain’s cousin, offers ten different sorts. In Toronto Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar serves a high-end variation. There are also several places in Vancouver. Belgian Fries Firtuur on Commercial Drive flies a banner proclaiming “CBC Montreal says ‘Best poutine in BC'”– actually it’s better a Zizanie Cafe and Bistro. And a fancy version makes an appearance at the luxurious Feenie’s

Via Destinations, Panorama, February/March 2005


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