Host testimonial

Host Andre Paradis’ endorsement of the Can-Am all terrain vehicles he and his crew had at their disposal for the production. This division of Bombardier Recreational Products was the first season’s main sponsor. The Can-Am ATVs figure prominently in different scenes throughout. 

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Just like my flies, rod and reel, my Can-Am ATVs are an essential part of my fly-fishing gear as I hunt for The King. They take my angling to the next level by providing rapid access to the most remote, pristine pools that are otherwise inaccessible by car and too far on foot. Whether it’s my ATV or Side-By-Side, it’s easy to get to the best spots, which fishing means more action and bigger salmon.

During the making of “King Of The River,” I criss-crossed the backwoods of the Gaspé Peninsula, found new pools for unforgettable fights with fierce Atlantic salmon and summited mountains for breathtaking sunset views. On these vehicles you’re truly out there in nature, breathing in the smells of the water and the forest.

Piloting a Can-Am ATV really embodies the sport of fly-fishing itself, mixing moments of heart-pounding excitement and pure tranquility.

Andre Paradis
Host, King Of The River

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